In order for a company’s exterior wall products to be rated by the CRRC, the company must first become a CRRC Licensee in the Wall Rating Program (Wall Licensee). Since the CRRC Wall Rating Program is separate and distinct from the CRRC Roof Rating Program, companies must become a Licensee in the Wall Rating Program regardless of whether they are also licensed to participate in the Roof Rating Program. Companies eligible to become CRRC Wall Licensees are those that:

  • Sell a finished product to market under their own brand name, or

  • Sell a finished product or product component to another CRRC Wall Licensee that will bring the product to market.

How do I become a Wall Licensee?

Download and complete the following forms and email them to [email protected]:

The applicable fees can be found in the CRRC Wall Rating Program Fee Structure

Once Licensee status has been granted, a CRRC Wall Licensee ID number will be provided by the CRRC. With the CRRC Wall Licensee ID number, the Wall Licensee can begin the product rating process. Visit Rate a Wall Product for instructions.

Wall Licensees are also automatically subscribed to the CRRC newsletter, but will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Become a Wall Accredited Manufacturer Testing Laboratory (AMTL)

CRRC Wall Licensees with their own testing facilities have the opportunity to become a CRRC Wall Rating Program Accredited Manufacturing Testing Laboratory (Wall AMTL). Wall AMTLs are able to submit radiative property data for Color Family Additional Element Applications in the Wall Color Family Program. Becoming an AMTL can also aid in demonstrating ISO 17025 compliance through participation in the biennial CRRC Interlaboratory Comparison Study. The requirements for Wall AMTLs and the Wall Color Family Program can be found in the CRRC-2 Wall Product Rating Program Manual.

To apply as a CRRC Wall AMTL, please download and complete the following documents:

Please send the completed AMTL Application (CRRC WF-2) to [email protected].

The relevant fees can be found in the CRRC Wall Rating Program Fee Structure (AMTL fees on page 2).

Wall AMTL Training

Wall AMTL applicants are required to participate in a CRRC Laboratory Training and complete testing on a set of CRRC-provided specimens to demonstrate compliance with the program requirements. Please email [email protected] to inquire about Wall AMTL training.

Private Label Licensing Information

If you sell a finished product that is produced by an existing CRRC Wall Licensee (also known as private labeling), you must also become a CRRC Wall Licensee prior to participating in the CRRC Wall Product Rating Program. Once approved as a CRRC Wall Licensee, you can then rely on the test results from another CRRC Wall Licensee, with their approval.

Please visit Rate a Wall Product to learn more about rating private label products.

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