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Meet the Member

Why did you / your organization become a CRRC Member?

Seaman Corporation was putting on cool roofs before it was cool. The CRRC offered the opportunity to demonstrate the cooling effects and value of highly reflective roofing membranes. Our customers in the early days had dark built-up roofs. Theyimmediately recognized the change to the interior environment of the building once a new FiberTite Roofing System was installed. The value of the organization offers more than anecdotal evidence to the benefits of cool roofing.

How has CRRC membership been of value to you / your organization?

Specifiers and designers recognize the importance of energy-saving roof systems. The CRRC provides a scientific platform through field exposure at test farms that demonstrates the long-term effectiveness of FiberTite's reflectivity and emissivity over time. The opportunity to become a CRRC Charter Member in 2002 provided credibility and confidence to our customers and our overall value proposition.

Describe what you / your organization provides to your industry/sector:

Seaman Corporation safeguards valuable assets by providing protective solutions. Our FiberTite Roofing System is a direct descendent of our Technology Platforms for fabric engineering and KEE compounding expertise. We offer long-term sustainable roofing solutions that provide Mission Critical Security for our various customers. With a typical life cycle of 30-years, our value proposition is recognized throughout the industry as one of performance.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of your industry/sector?

The roofing industry is maturing with its awareness of the need for not only highly reflective membranes and roof systems for energy conservation, but durability over time. Cool colors are being developed to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of architects. Energy sensitivity and savings will continue to drive developments in the roofing industry.

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From a humble beginning in 1949 with two sewing machines, Seaman Corporation has grown and evolved as a pioneer in the design and application of high performance coated fabrics. The development and introduction of FiberTite in 1979 was on the cutting edge of engineered fabric technology. This was combined with a vinyl coating technology using Elvaloy KEE as the backbone for the compound and weathering surface of the membrane. The result was a roofing membrane that exceeded all expectations for performance and continues to do so today.

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