WeatherShield Roofing Group, Inc.

CRRC Member since 2007



Meet the Member

Why did you / your organization become a CRRC Member?

We were private labeling some coating back in the early 2000's and heard of CRRC. It made sense to join as there were not any real recognizable associations that were strictly geared toward roof coating and fluid applied restoration products.

How has CRRC membership been of value to you / your organization?

We use the member logo on all of our marketing material and it has helped us understand who is a player and who is mixing jugs of "coating" in their garage. Not literally, but figuratively.

Describe what you / your organization provides to your industry/sector:

We are a full scale commercial or low slope roofing contractor in Florida. We started out in 1995 as a coating-only company, but realized in the late 90's that there was a need for contractors that could help with a customer’s full envelope. While we didn't want to be in the vertical painting game, we could sometimes do or refer other trades out and that has led us to where we are today. We love the R&D and technology behind coating and liquid applied products, as well as educating our past, present and future customers.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of your industry/sector?

Well, I hope the volatile materials, resins and roofing market as a whole get back in line with what we are generally use to. It is awesome to have competition, but when you have a market where all materials are impossible or very difficult to get, you have prices that rise with supply and demand and the customer is typically the one that suffers in the end. You have inferior products being sold and installed because of the shortage. I like to see companies continually one up each other in the regards to product development. I do not like to see companies release products that they "claim" are tested and we see a widespread failure. It is not good for the industry as a whole.

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