Polyglass USA, Inc.



Meet the Member

Why did your organization become a CRRC member?

The CRRC was founded in 1998 with the mandate of creating credible evaluation methods that help categorize and label the efficiency of cool roof products. Being a member of such a trusted source for a rating system gives Polyglass credibility in the market as well.

How has CRRC membership been of value to you / your organization?

The standards of your organization have given us the ability to produce a line of cool roof products that provide benefits, including reducing global warming, which makes it better for the environment and energy efficiency.

Describe what you / your organization provides to your industry/sector:

Because cool roof systems are more energy-efficient than standard roofing options, they are becoming increasingly popular in the roofing industry. Polyglass USA Inc., one of the world’s leading roofing manufacturers, brings over 50 years of knowledge and experience to our Kool Roof Solutions line of products. This specialized range of roofing products, including Polyglass’ Polyfresko membranes, utilizes industry-leading technologies like CURE Technology® to optimize energy efficiency and solar reflectivity. This is an integral contribution to the industry as a whole.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of your industry/sector?

As this system becomes more popular and commonplace in the market, we will see growth in this industry. It provides so many benefits that it only makes sense to be part of the future growth of this industry.

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