CRRC Members are eligible to represent the organization as CRRC Educators. These Educators are CRRC Members who have been authorized by the CRRC Board of Directors to voluntarily conduct outreach and education (O&E) about the CRRC and/or cool roofs and walls. The goal of the O&E is to support the CRRC mission and vision statement.

Any CRRC Member that is representing the CRRC as an Educator shall:

  • Be a CRRC Member in good standing who has been authorized by the CRRC Board of Directors in accordance with the CRRC Educator Policy & Procedure and who has executed (once authorized by the Board) the CRRC Educator Agreement.

  • Educate individuals, groups, corporations, government agencies, and/or nonprofit organizations about the CRRC, CRRC Product Rating Program(s), CRRC standard(s), cool roofs in general, and/or cool exterior walls in general. Any other educational topics shall be subject to CRRC approval. O&E may be performed at in-person or online events (e.g., webinars).

  • Conduct O&E that is consistent with the CRRC mission and is not combined with a commercial presentation that could appear to imply CRRC endorsement of specific manufacturers or products.

  • Present only the Board-approved CRRC General Education Slide Deck, other slide decks developed by the CRRC, or slide decks that have received prior CRRC approval in accordance with the CRRC Educator Policy & Procedure.

CRRC Educator Logo

Educators are authorized to use the CRRC Educator Logo in letterheads, correspondence, and O&E materials.

If you are a CRRC member interested in becoming an authorized CRRC Educator, please email your request along with a description of your area(s) of educational interest to Audrey McGarrell at [email protected].

Visit CRRC Membership for general information.