No. You may only use the CRRC Member Logo if your company is a CRRC Member or if you are a direct subsidiary of a CRRC Member company. Visit Logo Use Requirements for more information.

Visit Become a CRRC Member for more information about membership.

A CRRC Licensee can get a roof and/or exterior wall product(s) rated by the CRRC. Licensees are not required to be CRRC Members. To learn more, visit Become a Licensee: Roof Program or Become a Licensee: Wall Program.

A CRRC Member is any company, organization, institution, or individual interested in the building envelope, energy efficiency, urban cooling, and/or the testing and rating of solar-reflective building surfaces that has applied and been approved as a CRRC Member. Members can participate in and vote on critical organizational policies (such as electing members of the Board of Directors and approving changes to the CRRC bylaws); interface with leading industry colleagues; serve on the CRRC Board and committees; and use the CRRC Member logo for marketing purposes. Visit CRRC Membership to learn more.

Members pay annual dues based on the CRRC Membership category. Please see the Fees and Dues Structure for the current Membership dues. Visit CRRC Membership to learn more.

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