Annual Election

Each year, the CRRC membership elects members to serve on the Board of Directors. Each director serves a three-year term and can serve up to three consecutive terms. Terms are staggered over a three-year period.

The Board of Directors is composed of 11 voting members:

  • Six (6) from Class A members (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and their industry associations)

  • Five (5) from Class B members (roofing contractors, consultants, non-profit groups, government agencies, educational institutions, testing laboratories, test farms, air quality boards, code bodies, energy service companies, and interested individuals)

View the CRRC Bylaws for member voting rules.

2022 Election

CRRC 2022 Election Winners 01

Results of 2022 Election and Proposed Bylaw Amendments

  • Maureen Kavanagh (3M Company) was elected as Director, Class A member category
  • Tim McQuillen (Johns Manville Corporation) was re-elected as Director, Class A member category
  • Payam Bozorgchami (California Energy Commission) was re-elected as Director, Class B member category
  • Kurt Shickman (Interested Individual) was re-elected as Director, Class B member category

  • Approved bylaw amendments:
    • Article 5, Section 8 requires the Board to hold at least one in-person meeting each year. The Board was unable to meet in person for two years due to the COVID pandemic. The proposed amendment to the Bylaws addresses emergency situations by removing the requirement for holding at least one in-person Board meeting in a given year.
    • Article 5, Section 14 applies to teleconferences of the Board. The proposed amendments specify the inclusion of virtual meetings (video calls).