Annual Election

Each year, the CRRC membership elects members to serve on the Board of Directors. Each director serves a three-year term and can serve up to three consecutive terms. Terms are staggered over a three-year period.

The Board of Directors is composed of 11 voting members:

  • Six (6) from Industry members (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and their industry associations)

  • Five (5) from General Interest members (roofing contractors, consultants, non-profit groups, government agencies, educational institutions, testing laboratories, test farms, air quality boards, code bodies, energy service companies, and interested individuals)

View the CRRC Bylaws for member voting rules

2024 Election Timeline

February 5

Call for nominations announced to Membership

March 6

Nominations deadline

March 22

Candidate statement deadline

April 10

Ballots distributed to Membership

June 3

Electronic/mailed ballot deadline

June 5

In-person voting and announcement of results at

Annual Meeting (see here for meeting details)

For questions, please contact Jessica Jazdzewski at [email protected].

2024 CRRC Board of Directors Election Candidates

Industry Member Candidates

In alphabetical order

In the spirit of predecessors who served as SPRI Technical Director and also served on the CRRC board, I recognize the vital role that CRRC and its members play in the built environment. As society continues to embrace information that helps reduce energy use, lessen the impact of buildings on the environment, both locally and globally, and improve the overall durability and resilience of buildings, I am excited at the opportunity to work with the Board to fulfill CRRC’s mission and vision in providing data to help

stakeholders in decisions that impact these areas. Thank you in advance for considering electing me to the Board of Directors.

I have 40+ years of experience providing technical direction and support for roofing materials manufacturers.

I directed cool roofing product development and inclusion in the CRRC Rated Products Directory. I have 30+ years of experience leading technical, advocacy, and standards development efforts as a company representative to various organizations, including CRRC, ARMA, ASTM International, UL, and the CSA Group.

I am an active member of the CRRC Education Committee.

I am an active member of the CRRC Technical Committee.

The CRRC provides critical, credible information about radiative properties of cool surfaces to consumers and regulators. I want to be part of the CRRC leadership as we increase our recognition and influence with manufacturers, consumers, and codes and standards professionals in this critical segment of the building materials industry.

Hal is completing his second term as a CRRC Board Member. He is and continues to take an active role in working with membership and the Board to grow the CRRC responsibly. Hal is entering his 32nd year of working with the chemistry, formulations, and application of fluid-applied environmentally friendly reflective coatings and assemblies directly connected and aligned with the work of the CRRC.

Hal leads the testing divisions of Western Colloid's Manufacturing Facilities to develop, test and sustain approvals from FM Global, Underwriters Laboratories, ICC-ES, Miami-Dade, and the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Hal is also an active member at ASTM International and serves as Subcommittee Chair on D08-09, as well as serving as Co-Chair on the Codes and Standards Task Force for the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association. He regularly visits with members of Congress, and United States Senators in Washington DC on behalf of the RCMA to help direct the policies that affect our industry.

With his home base in Northern California, Hal enjoys as many unannounced trips as possible to his ranch in Montana. He is an avid wildlife photographer, hunter, fly fisherman, volunteer Ski Patrol, golfer, trail bike rider, 4 Wheeler and Harley enthusiast amongst other activities. Hal's professional passion is doing his part to shape our future with sustainable, responsible products as well as set standards that may play a part in the direction of the U.S. Energy policy.

My career has given me opportunities to create innovative coatings and adhesives for over 25 years. My name is Jason Smith, Sr. Scientist at the Garland Company and I am a candidate for the CRRC Board of Directors. As a Board member, I bring to the table my coatings technical expertise at the formulation level. Like some of my colleagues on the current Board, I know what it takes to bring a coating from conception to reality, through to the end of its useful life, and, sometimes, beyond as a recycled product. I also recognize the challenges facing coating scientists to formulate solutions for all climates, often in highly regulated areas with stringent solvent and other chemical standards, but also realize the importance of staying competitive in the reflective coating space. I look to serve on the Board with the perspective of the reflective coating formulator.

General Interest Member Candidate

With 17 years of experience at the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), I am uniquely qualified to continue serving on the Cool Roof Rating Council's (CRRC) Board of Directors.

I have successfully launched numerous educational and marketing initiatives, significantly enhancing NFRC’s reach, relevance, and revenue. I am committed to replicating this success at CRRC, having already facilitated key introductions between CRRC senior staff and NFRC members and promoted the critical role of cool surfaces to design-build professionals.

Since my appointment to CRRC’s Board in September 2024, I have earned certification as a CRRC educator and leveraged my extensive network within the green building community to advocate for the organization’s mission.

Given the similarities in organizational structure, mission, vision, and goals between CRRC and NFRC, I am especially well positioned to contribute valuable expertise and resources to CRRC's continued growth and success.

Bylaws Webinar YouTube Video

The 2024 CRRC Member ballot also includes several proposed amendments to the CRRC Bylaws. In the below webinar recording, CRRC Executive Director Jeff Steuben presents an overview of the proposed changes. All CRRC Members are encouraged to watch to learn more about the proposed changes and the rationale behind each change.