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Lab Training conducted at Westlake Royal Roofing LLC Image credit: Cool Roof Rating Council

CRRC Lab Training is an opportunity for professional development. The CRRC offers Lab Training to laboratories that want to become approved to test and report the radiative properties of roofing and exterior wall products for the CRRC Product Rating Programs (i.e., prospective Accredited Independent Testing Laboratories and Approved Manufacturer Testing Laboratories); currently approved laboratories that want to stay up to date with the CRRC Product Rating Programs requirements or train newly hired staff; and Licensees who want to learn more about what methods are used when their products are tested at a CRRC-approved laboratory or for their own internal testing.

Laboratory training encompasses one or two days of training and is tailored to the needs of laboratories and Licensees. Qualified CRRC staff visit your site to conduct demonstrations and hands-on instruction using your equipment, with no limit on the number of participants that can participate.

If you would like more information about CRRC Lab Training Opportunities, please contact CRRC Technical Manager Stacey Weister at [email protected].

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Lab Training conducted at ACE Laboratories Image credit: Cool Roof Rating Council

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