Aged Testing Program Launch: Good for Members, Good for Industry

OAKLAND, CA – The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) announces the timely initiation of the aged testing component of its Product Rating Program. The completed aged testing protocol complements the initial testing protocol implemented in Fall 2002 and provides third party verification of weathered performance claims to aid in the selection of cool roofs that save energy and reduce a building’s impact on the local environment. The CRRC Board of Directors pledged to launch this final element of the Rating Program by January 2004, and in fact, weathering of products for CRRC rated products for aged testing has already begun.

As most in the roofing industry know, the performance of a cool roof over time is greatly influenced by environmental exposure. Several variables, such as different climates and slopes of roofs, contribute to the amount of dirt, staining, and fungal growth that accumulate on roofs over time. This weathering can impact the reflectance and emittance of a roof, pointing to the importance of aged testing in evaluating cool roof performance. “The implementation of the aged testing protocol marks the final step in establishing the CRRC’s Product Rating Program as the go-to source for complete and reliable cool roof performance information over time,” proclaimed CRRC Chair Peter Turnbull. Established in 1998, the CRRC is a non-profit association focused on implementing a fair, accurate, and credible radiative energy performance rating system for roof surfaces and disseminating the information to all interested parties. The Product Rating Program, the core element of the CRRC, was launched in September 2002 with the purpose of reporting initial and three-year aged values for solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Over 130 roofing products are currently listed with their initial ratings in the CRRC Rated Products Directory (found at, a resource that has proved to be extremely valuable to roofing purchasers and specifiers. Both initial and aged performance ratings (as they become available) are displayed on product labels and the online Directory. Increasingly, regulators, specifiers, contractors, and building owners are turning to the CRRC for ratings they can count on. As the multiple benefits of cool roofs are evermore being recognized, code bodies are starting to require increased roof radiative performance. In many locations, cool roofs not only save energy and money by reducing air-conditioning needs for individual buildings; their implementation on a broader scale also promises to reduce the urban heat island phenomenon by lowering a community’s ambient temperatures by several degrees. Current revisions (adopted in November 2003) to California’s energy efficiency code, Title 24, require a cool roof, defined by the state as having an initial solar reflectance of 0.70 and thermal emittance of 0.75 for low-sloped roofs of commercial buildings, as rated and documented under the CRRC system. CRRC’s Rating Program complements other programs, such as EPA’s Energy Star® program, that set minimum performance thresholds. The growing cool roofing market relies on clear and accurate information about product performance, causing manufacturers to take note and turn to the CRRC. The timely development of the aged testing procedure also proves the CRRC’s dedication to its members and Rating Program participants. The CRRC strives to provide them with the most up-to-date information regarding changes in the industry and in building energy codes to ensure they stay at the forefront of the cool roofing industry. All roofing materials manufacturers and sellers are encouraged to pursue these benefits by participating in the CRRC Product Rating Program.For more information on the CRRC, the new aged testing protocol, program participation, and membership, please visit our website,, or contact the CRRC directly at (866) 465-2523.

For more information on the CRRC, CRRC membership, and the Product Rating Program, visit or contact Sarah Van Mantgem at 866-465-2523.