Join the CRRC

The quality of CRRC programs and their marketplace impact depend on a diverse and active membership. Join our dynamic organization today and participate on an important committee or task group to help direct the CRRC and its Product Rating Program. Learn more about benefits of Membership below.

Please note that membership in the CRRC is separate and distinct from participation in the CRRC Product Rating Program. If you want to have your products rated with the CRRC, you do not need to be a member, but do need to become a CRRC licensee. Please visit the Become a Licensee page if you are interested in becoming licensed with the CRRC.

Why Join?

  • To help direct the CRRC and its Product Rating Program.
  • To vote on critical committee issues.
  • To vote and elect Board members.
  • To interface with leading industry colleagues surrounding energy efficient roofing.
  • To demonstrate your organization's marketplace leadership.
  • To use the CRRC Member logo on your company's marketing materials and website.
  • To receive the latest CRRC and cool roofing news first in the biannual CRRC Newsletter.*

*Upon membership approval, you will automatically be subscribed to the CRRC newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you may safely unsubscribe.


Who Can Be a Member?

Any individual or organization interested in rating roof surface radiative properties and in the energy efficiency of roofs. CRRC members fall into two classes and include corporations, individuals, partnerships, sole proprietorships, trade associations, universities, governmental and non-governmental agencies.


How Do I Become a Member?

To join the CRRC as a Member, please complete and return the following items to the CRRC. We recommend downloading forms rather than completing them in the browser to ensure proper functionality of all fillable fields.

  1. Membership Application

  2. CRRC Member Logo License Agreement (CRRC-A-5)

  3. Once membership is approved, CRRC will send an invoice to collect appropriate dues; no dues are required at the time of application submission.

Please note that new memberships take varying lengths of time to activate, as they must be approved at a scheduled meeting of the CRRC Board of Directors.


Membership Classes and Annual Dues

Class A annual fees are prorated beginning in July of each year. Please see the Fees and Dues Structure for the current amount.

Membership Class Description Annual Fee
Class A Manufacturers, distributors, raw material suppliers, and their trade associations.

Manufacturers, distributors, & suppliers: $775

Trade Associations: $1,350

Class B Roofing contractors, consultants, non-profit groups, government agencies, educational institutions, testing laboratories, test farms, air quality boards, code bodies, energy service companies, and other interested individuals. $60
  • Member dues are collected annually during the CRRC’s annual Renewals process, which happens in the first quarter of each calendar year.
  • Failure to pay dues after the Renewals due date in any year shall result in termination of membership.