Join the CRRC

CRRC membership is open to any individual or organization with an interest in building energy efficiency, Urban Heat Island mitigation, and/or the testing and rating of solar-reflective surfaces. CRRC members fall into two classes:


  • To have a voice in the direction of the CRRC
  • To demonstrate your organization's leadership in the market 
  • To serve on the CRRC Board of Directors and committees
  • To vote on critical issues
  • To elect Board members
  • To interface with other industry leaders and actors interested in building energy efficiency, urban cooling, and surface reflectivity

How Do I Become a Member?

To become a CRRC member, please complete and return the following items to [email protected]. We recommend downloading the forms rather than completing them in the browser to ensure proper functionality of all fillable fields.

  1. Membership Application (CRRC F-18)

  2. CRRC Member Logo License Agreement (CRRC A-5) 

Membership applications will be reviewed at a scheduled meeting of the CRRC Board of Directors. Once membership is approved, the CRRC will send an invoice to collect the appropriate dues; no dues are required at the time of application submission.

​Please note that CRRC membership is separate and distinct from participation in the CRRC Product Rating Program. If you want to have your products rated with the CRRC, you must be a CRRC Licensee. You do not need to be a member to have your products rated. Please visit the Become a Licensee page if you are interested in becoming licensed with the CRRC.

Membership Annual Dues

Please see the Fees and Dues Structure for the current Membership dues.