Cool Roof Rating Council

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Minimum Radiative Properties




3 Year

Solar reflectance
(0.00, 1.00)
Thermal emittance
(0.00, 1.00)
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)
(-10, 125)

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A CRRC product rating describes the radiative performance of a roofing material; it does not indicate a ranking or approval. A product’s placement on the Rated Products Directory (Directory) does not mean that the product is “cool” as defined by any particular code or program. Only products with active ratings can be found on the Directory.

CRRC Product Ratings are determined for a fixed set of conditions, and may not be appropriate for determining seasonal energy performance. The actual effect of solar reflectance and thermal emittance on building performance may vary. The manufacturer of each product stipulates that these ratings were determined in accordance with the applicable CRRC procedures.

The descriptor “(smooth)” or “(rough)” after a CRRC ID of a coating product denotes if the product was tested over a smooth substrate or a rough substrate in accordance with the CRRC-1 Product Rating Program Manual. Some coating products may have been tested over both substrates, and thus have two entries in the Rated Products Directory. Studies have shown that some coatings applied at a minimal rate over a rough surface may result in a lower solar reflectance value than tested values acquired following published standards.

Only products with active ratings are listed in the Rated Products Directory.

An asterisk (*) next to a product rating indicates a CRRC Rapid Rating. Rapid Ratings are interim laboratory-aged values that simulate three-year aged values. The Rapid Ratings values will be replaced by the measured three-year aged values upon completion of the weathering process. SRI values that are calculated using Rapid Ratings may change once the aged rating replaces the interim rating.

A letter (e.g. "a") at the end of a CRRC ID indicates that a product has been retested or reformulated, and new rated product values have replaced the original values.

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CRRC Prod. ID Manufacturer Brand and Model Product Type Color Solar Reflectance Thermal Emittance SRI More Info
Initial 3 Year Initial 3 Year Initial 3 Year
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