Product Rating Program

Please note that participation in the CRRC Product Rating Program is separate and distinct from CRRC Membership. To learn more about becoming a member, please go to Become A Member.

About the Product Rating Program

The CRRC administers a Rating Program in which companies can label roof surface products with radiative property values. The CRRC does not set a minimum definition for "cool", the CRRC simply lists the measured radiative property values on our Directory.  Any roofing product can be tested as long as it is in compliance with the Product Rating Program Manual (CRRC-1). A product's placement on the Directory does not mean that the product is "cool" as defined by any particular code body or program. 

All radiative property testing is conducted by accredited testing laboratories (see CRRC Accredited Testing Laboratories (both AITL and AMTL) for a list). Solar reflectance can be measured in accordance with ASTM test methods C1549, E1918, E903 and CRRC-1 Method #1: Test Method for Certain Variegated Products. Thermal emittance is measured in accordance with ASTM C1371.  For aged ratings, product specimens are exposed for three years at the CRRC Approved Test Farm. Product ratings are verified periodically through the CRRC's Random Testing Program.

To Obtain a Product Rating

How do I rate a product?

For help getting your product rated, click here. To rate a product in the CRRC product directory, a company must first become a licensee. For help becoming a licensee, click here.

I'm looking for a form, where do I find it?

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What are the fees and dues I need to pay?

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What do I need to do to become a CRRC Accredited Testing Laboratory (AITL or AMTL)?

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