1.0 – Overview

The CRRC Wall Rating Program Committee (Committee) reports to the CRRC Board of Directors (Board). Any matters not set forth in this policy shall be as set forth in the CRRC Bylaws or other organization policies.

2.0 – Committee Purpose

The Committee develops and evaluates technical and programmatic details for the CRRC Wall Rating Program (Program). The Committee has authority to make non-binding recommendations to the Board of Directors.

3.0 – Committee Scope

The Committee is responsible for:

  1. Evaluating technical issues, such as test methods, standard practices, and weathering protocols

  2. Developing Program procedures and requirements

  3. Providing guidance on Program marketing activities

  4. Collaborating with other CRRC committees in the dissemination of information related to cool surface education

4.0 – Committee Composition

Appointments to the Committee shall be made by the Board. The Committee will consist of no fewer than five (5) and no more than fifteen (15) voting members, as determined by the Board. The voting members of the Committee and an alternate for each voting member shall be appointed by the Board. Voting members of the Committee shall not be voting members of the Board. All Committee members shall hold CRRC membership.

Multiple representatives from a company or organization may serve on the Committee. However, only one representative from that company or organization, including its parent company or any subsidiaries, is entitled to a vote at any meeting or conference call (see Clause 5.2).

4.1 – Committee Terms

Each Committee member shall serve a two-year term and may serve successive terms. However, members may not serve more than ten (10) consecutive years as a member of the Committee unless approved by the Board.

4.2 – Committee Executives

The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board. The Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee. The Committee Chair and Vice Chair will serve two-year terms, and may serve successive terms not to exceed a total of six (6) consecutive years, unless otherwise approved by the Board. Approval by the Board is required for serving as the Committee Chair or Vice Chair after the completion of the third term. The Chair shall also serve as a Board Ex-Officio member.

4.3 – Committee Member Balance

The Committee shall strive to have balanced representation from General Interest and Industry. The Industry category includes manufacturers, manufacturing trade associations, and suppliers of products. The General Interest category includes architects, contractors, researchers, testing agencies, government, and anyone who is not identified as Industry. The overall balance of the Committee should strive to be 60% Industry and 40% General Interest.

4.4 – Committee Membership Qualifications

Individuals interested in membership on the Committee shall submit a short summary of their educational qualifications and industry expertise to CRRC staff. Staff shall provide the summary, along with the formal Committee roster, to the Board for the consideration of Committee appointments.

4.5 – Committee Member Removal or Resignation

The Board may remove any Committee member for cause, such as:

  1. Lack of participation or attendance (see Clause 5.1);

  2. Receipt of communication from a member indicating the desire to resign;

  3. Actions that are unbecoming a Committee or CRRC member as determined by the Board;

  4. Acting against the purpose of the Committee; or

  5. Misrepresenting the CRRC, as determined by the Board.

5.0 – Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities. Meetings will be held either in-person or through conference calls. Persons who are not Committee members may attend meetings at the discretion of the Committee Chair or at the request of the Board.

5.1 – Proxy and Attendance

If any voting member is unable to attend a Committee meeting, the voting member shall arrange for his or her voting alternate to deliberate and vote at the meeting. However, if the actual voting member fails to attend three consecutive Committee meetings, the voting member will be removed from the Committee. Special exceptions may be made in the event of family emergencies. In order to be considered “in attendance” at a meeting, the voting member or alternate must be present for at least 50% of the voting items indicated on the meeting agenda. If a voting member is removed by the Board or Committee, or otherwise vacates the Committee, the voting alternate will fill the vacant position unless the voting alternate is also a member of the Board or declines the position, or unless otherwise directed by the Board. Other vacancies will be filled by the Board.

The Committee Chair shall attend every meeting and conference call of the Committee. If the Chair is unable to attend, the Vice Chair shall chair the meeting. If both the Chair and Vice Chair are unable to attend the meeting, CRRC staff may serve as the Interim Chair.

5.2 – Quorum and Voting Rules

A majority (51%) of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, and the act of a majority of the voting members present and voting at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Committee. Abstentions shall be excluded from the final vote count.

Only one representative from a company or organization, including the parent company or any subsidiaries, is entitled to a voting seat on the Committee. Membership on the Committee entitles the representative to one vote on Committee matters, including recommendations to the Board. If a voting member is not in attendance for the vote, the appointed alternate may serve as the proxy.

5.3 – Submission of Materials and Presentations

All information and any presentation materials for consideration at a future Committee meeting shall be submitted to CRRC staff in advance of a meeting.

6.0 – Committee Working Groups

The Committee may form working groups as needed. Working groups shall be responsible for their assigned tasks and reporting their findings and recommendations to the Committee. Each working group will designate a Chair that will work with CRRC staff to oversee the activities of the working group.

7.0 – Exemption from Fees and Compensation

Committee members shall be exempt from paying a CRRC meeting registration fee in order to participate as a Committee member. Committee members shall not be compensated for their services to the Committee.

8.0 – Copyright and Intellectual Property

All materials generated by and for the Committee shall be considered copyrighted by the CRRC, and therefore, property of the CRRC. Committee members are required to sign an Intellectual Property Assignment form.

9.0 – Dissolution

The Board of Directors may dissolve the Committee at any time.