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General Updates / Administrative

President Clinton Promotes Cool Roofs

Renewals Update: Clarification of Licensee Pay Brackets

Random Testing Update

Annual Membership Meeting Recap

Product Rating Program Tips & Tricks

Technical Update

Technical Committee Meeting Update

Technical Committee Officer Changes

July 26 Technical Committee Meeting Updates

Ratings, Codes and Programs

Evaluation Services CRRC Program Update

ANSI Update: First Public Comment Period Closed

Membership and Outreach

June 8, 2011 Board Meeting Updates

Marketing Update

Website Redesign Update

General Updates / Administrative

President Clinton Promotes Cool Roofs

Former President Bill Clinton gave cool roofs his seal of approval when he outlined 14 ways to put America back to work. Along with other energy efficiency and building retrofit solutions, Clinton highlighted coating flat roofs as one of the quickest, most effective ways to lower energy use and create jobs that can lead to even more “higher–skilled training programs or energy-related retrofit jobs.” Read more about President Clinton’s vision and the Clinton Global Initiative here.

Renewals Update:
Clarification of Licensee Pay Brackets

At the June Board of Directors meeting, it was brought to the Board’s attention that there is confusion concerning the pay brackets for annual Licensee fees. The Board would like to clarify that Roofing Product Sales are not based on cool roof product sales, but based on sales of all roofing products sold by the licensee.

Below is language from the CRRC Product Rating Program and Membership Fees and Dues Structure, which is available here on the CRRC website:

“Roofing Product Sales: The total dollar value of roofing products (e.g. thermoplastic & other single ply membranes, field-applied coatings, asphalt shingles, etc.) sold directly to distributors, installers and end-users. Sales of Factory–Coated Products and sales to other manufacturers/marketers that privately label and sell products under their own company and brand names are not included in Roofing Product Sales.”

If your licensee status includes both the Licensed Seller and Other Manufacturer categories, please select the higher sales pay bracket of either category as your final dues amount.

If you are a CRRC Licensee and would like to change your company’s pay bracket, please contact Melissa Rissman at [email protected] or (510) 482-4480 x236. Feel free to contact the CRRC if you cannot recall which pay bracket your organization currently resides under. Alternatively, you can check your 2011 renewals invoice or licensee application payment.

Roofing Product Sales > $10 Million $6000
Roofing Product Sales $1 — 10 Million $4000
Roofing Product Sales < $1 Million $1500
Factory–Coated Product Sellers $1000
1 No product applications will be processed until License Fees are paid in full. Roofing Product Sales should not include sales to Private Label clients who are themselves potential CRRC Licensed Sellers.
Factory-Applied Coating Sales > $10 Million $6000
Factory-Applied Coating Sales $1 — $10 Million $4000
Factory-Applied Coating Sales < $1 Million $1500
All Others $2500
2 No product applications will be processed until License Fees are paid in full. Factory–Applied Coating Sales include sales direct to end–users plus sales to other Licensed Sellers or potential Licensed Sellers.

Random Testing Update

Random testing is the method by which the CRRC ensures the credibility and accuracy of the rating program. Each year, the CRRC tests 10% of all active Licensed Seller (Licensee) products in order to guarantee that their initial reflectance and emittance values coincide with their listed values. 2009 random testing is wrapping up, with 2 samples awaiting retesting. 2010 random testing is also in its final stages with the current results below:

2010 Random Testing Status Number of Products
Completed & Passed 66
Collection in Process 10
No Longer Sold 3
Awaiting Re-Testing 13

The 2011 random testing process has recently commenced with 133 products as follows:

2011 Random Testing Status Number of Products
Completed & Passed 0
Collection in Process 132
No Longer Sold 1
Awaiting Re-Testing 0

Once we have finished each round of random testing, we will mail result letters to all licensees whose products were chosen. If you have any questions about random testing, please contact Ethan Guy at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x237.

Annual Membership Meeting Recap

In June, CRRC members converged for the annual Membership Meeting in Reno, NV, during the Western Roofing Expo. Board members and staff provided updates on administrative topics, technical studies, ES-CRRC, and cool roof codes and programs, including CRRC ANSI progress. Guest speakers presented on topics including the effects of cool roofs on roof conduit temperatures, LBNL’s accelerated aging project, and the latest updates from the Global Cool Cities Alliance. The diverse topics covered by these guest speakers fostered lively conversation on the effects of cool roofs on other aspects of the building shell, as well as the development of emerging technologies, test methods, and programs. You can catch up on all of the 2011 Annual Membership Meeting presentations here.

With so many exciting projects and breakthroughs on the horizon in the CRRC and cool roof industry, you won’t want to miss the 2012 Annual Membership Meeting!

Product Rating Program Tips & Tricks

This is a new section designed to help clarify program and form processes for Licensees and Other Manufacturers. Look here for tips and program details to help your application processing go smoothly.

If you are a roofing product manufacturer who has rated your products with the CRRC, you may be familiar with Aged Test Results Reports. After spending three years on the weathering farm locations, your product samples are tested again to establish aged rating values. You, the manufacturer, can then list the aged values on your packaging and marketing materials.

But what if, for some reason, one or more of your aging products is no longer on the market? Why should you bother testing it for aged values? Answer: For the CRRC to remain a fair and credible rating system, all products placed on the weathering farm must be treated the same. Furthermore, Licensees are bound by their Licensed Seller License Agreement to abide by CRRC-1 Program Manual which states:

“When a product is moved to the Inactive Products list before the Aged Testing has been conducted, or results thereof listed on the directory, the Licensee shall remain responsible for having the samples age-tested by an AITL and providing the results to the CRRC, which shall be included on the Inactive Product Rating list.”
— CRRC-1 Program Manual section 3.14 Inactive Product Ratings

If you have questions or concerns about Aged Test Reports or your inactive products, contact Melissa Rissman at [email protected] or (510) 482-4480 x236.

Technical Update

Technical Committee Meeting Update

The CRRC Technical Committee held its most recent conference call meeting on July 26, 2011. The next Committee meeting will be held in San Francisco at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman’s Warf on September 22.

Technical Committee meetings are open to all interested participants. If you would like to be added to the Technical Topics email list, please contact Jeff Steuben at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x288.

Technical Committee Officer Changes

Please welcome Scott Kriner from the Metal Construction Association as the new Committee Chair and Darrel Higgs from Owens Corning as the new Committee Vice Chair. Both Scott and Darrel have been active members of the Technical Committee for several years and we look forward to their contributions as Technical Committee leadership.

July 26 Technical Committee Meeting Updates

Reflectometer Study Results
Measurements from version 6 of the reflectometer using output mode b891 were compared to measurements from the same device but using output mode E1.5 (a mode emulating version 5 of the reflectometer). All differences in measurement were small — 0.027 or less. Most measurement differences were under 0.01. Red products tended to measure slighting lower (0.01-0.015) using the b891 setting, and blue products tended to measure slightly higher (0.01-0.02). A motion was made to recommend to the Board of Directors that AITLs take solar reflectance measurements using the b891output if they have a version 6 device. The motion did not pass, and the Committee will continue this discussion at the September meeting.

2010 Round Robin Results
The 2010 Round Robin results were presented. The study included six samples with all seven CRRC AITLs participating. The solar reflectance measurements were very consistent with low standard deviations. The thermal emittance measurements were more inconsistent and CRRC staff will be investigating a couple of unusual readings.

Technical Committee Working Groups
Please email Jeff Steuben at [email protected] if you are interested in participating in a working group.

    •   Cedar Roofing Products Task Group: The CRRC is working to develop rating procedures for natural cedar products. This group is planning a long-term weathering study of cedar roofing products.
    •   Directionally Reflective Products Task Group:  This group is working to develop test methods for directionally reflective products, which appear dark from street level, and lighter from the sun angle.
    •   Electronic Gauges:  A round robin study is being planned to determine if ASTM Standards for magnetic induction and eddy current gauges should be accepted for use in testing the thickness of field-applied coatings. 
    •   Solar Task Group: The solar task group is preparing a study proposal to determine if an increase in solar system output occurs when solar systems are combined with cool roofs.
    •   E1918:  This group is planning an inter–laboratory study to determine the precision of ASTM E1918.

Ratings, Codes and Programs

Evaluation Services CRRC Program Update

As mentioned in our last newsletter, the CRRC launched its newest project, Evaluation Services CRRC (ES–CRRC). A completely separate program from the CRRC, ES–CRRC is an EPA Recognized ENERGY STAR® Certification Body for roofing products. Since the ES–CRRC’s inception in March 2011, the industry support from both existing Licensees and outside manufacturers has been impressive. Our current product breakdown is as follows:

Products in the ES-CRRC Program Number of Products
as of August 25, 2011
Rated with CRRC and certified through ES-CRRC 768
Certified through ES-CRRC only 432
TOTAL 1200

ES–CRRC staff have been working over the last five months to launch this program and develop program documents, including the recently CRRC Board–approved ES–CRRC Program Manual. ES–CRRC’s next step is to seek ISO-65 accreditation, a required certification for all ENERGY STAR Certification Bodies. We anticipate wrapping up the ISO–65 process by Fall 2011, completing all requirements for EPA Certification Bodies. If you have any questions about the ISO–65 process, please contact Ethan Guy at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x237.

For more information on how to certify your ENERGY STAR products through ES–CRRC, please visit If you are interested in choosing ES–CRRC as your Certification Body or have questions regarding the program, please contact Jessica Clark at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x227.

ANSI Update: First Public Comment Period Closed

Thank you to those who submitted comments for proposed changes to the ANSI/CRRC–1 Standard. ANSI Consensus Body Members will be meeting in late September to review comments and vote on proposals. Commenters will be notified of the Consensus Body decision in November. The decisions will also be posted to the CRRC ANSI webpage and announced to all CRRC participants. To view the Consensus Body roster, read our ANSI policies and procedures, or keep up with the latest news in the ANSI process, please visit our ANSI webpage here.

Below is a table of key dates for the remainder of the ANSI Consensus Body Review process

Date Action
June 10, 2011 to
August 9, 2011
1st Public Comment Period (60 Days)
November 1, 2011 Final Consensus Body Ballots Due
November 18, 2011 to
January 17, 2012
2nd Public Comment Period (60 Days)
April 9, 2012 Final Consensus Body Ballots Due
May 9, 2012 Appeals from Public Commenters Due
August 8, 2012 Appeals Decision
October 8, 2012 ANSI Review Process Complete

Membership and Outreach

Board of Directors Meeting Update

The Board of Directors held an in–person meeting on June 8, 2011 in Reno, NV. The following items were approved:

•     Elected Board members: Newly elected Board members Bipin Shah and Rick Olson, and incumbent Board members Marty Hastings and Payam Bozorgchami, were welcomed to the CRRC Board.

•   Board Officers: The officer positions were established for the 2011-2012 year, with Mike Ennis remaining as Chair, and Greg Crawford as Secretary. George Daisy was approved as the Treasurer.

•   Evaluation Services CRRC Program: The Board established an ES–CRRC Committee to help guide the ES–CRRC Certification Body program. The Board approved the ES–CRRC Program Manual.

•   Technical Committee Roster Update: Due to his new status as a Board member, Rick Olson was moved from the Technical Committee Chair and a main voting position to an alternate voting position. The Board approved Scott Kriner as the new Technical Committee Chair, and asked the Committee to appoint a Vice Chair.

•   Tile Test Method: The Board approved removing “interim” from the Tile Test Method, and accepting the current protocol (testing using the modified CRRC–1 Test Method #1 or the template method with a standard error of 0.02) for tile products.

•   Rating Profiled Products: The Board approved funding and the creation of a task group to develop a precision and bias study for E1918, which may be applied to accurately measuring profiled products. The Board also approved further investigation of computer modeling approaches to measuring profiled products.

•   Profiled Metal Products: As the CRRC continues to tackle rating protocol for profiled products, the Board voted to remove the E1918 requirement for rating profiled metal products (section 3.5.1.B.4 of the CRRC–1 Program Manual and section S.3.2.B in the CRRC–1 ANSI Standard). All profiled metal products should be rated using flat samples.

•   Random Testing Single–Ply Products: The Board approved a change in the Random Testing program. If a single–ply product with fleece–back listed as a compound rating is selected for random testing, only the reflectance measurement will be verified. The thermal emittance measurement will not be considered for random testing due to emissometer limitations of accurately measuring products of high thermal resistance.

•   Random Testing Forms: The Board approved an addendum form for Color Family product colorimetry ratings and single–ply product thickness ratings.

•   Posting Lower Ratings on the CRRC Directory: The Board approved a language change in the CRRC–1 Program Manual, such that roofing products must state the actual measured reflectance and emittance values as provided by an Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory, as opposed to allowing manufacturers to arbitrarily select lower reflectance or emittance ratings. The CRRC will review all product ratings to determine which ones have posted lower values, notify affected licensees, and will update the Directory accordingly.

•   Color Family Default Values: The Board approved disclaimer language to add to the CRRC Rated Products Directory explaining to users which products are color family products listing default, rather than measured values.

•   Renewal Payment Late Fee: The Board removed the late fees for membership renewals, both Class A and Class B. Only product and Licensee renewals fees may be charged with late fees.

•   Strategic Plan: The Board established a Strategic Planning Committee to help guide the organization forward in alignment with the 5–Year Strategic Plan.

•   Change in Board Meeting Location and Date: The fall BOD meeting will now be located in San Francisco, CA, on November 16th (previously it was scheduled to be in Toronto, Canada in conjunction with Greenbuild on October 7th).

Marketing Update

The CRRC has made great strides in marketing this year. We have continued to promote cool roofs through various outlets of educational outreach. The CRRC has focused on reaching all sectors of the building industry, from manufacturers, to architects, to contractors, to building and homeowners. Here is a recap of marketing milestones to date, and exciting future opportunities.

Current Milestones

Environmental Design + Construction Magazine, January 2011:  In January the CRRC’s article “Cool Roofs 101” helped architects and designers learn the basics of cool roofing and what to look for when specifying a new roof.

Architectural Record, May 2011: The CRRC’s updated and enhanced continuing education course, “Cool Roofs for Hot Projects”, was featured in the May issue, reaching 90,000 subscribers. To date, the continuing education course has been viewed 55,700 times. The accompanying quiz has been taken 1,075 times, 60% of the time by architects for AIA continuing education credit.

Cleaning and Maintenance Management, May 2011: The magazine, aimed at building owner/managers, featured the CRRC’s article “Cool at the Top: Improving your Building’s Sustainability and Bottom Line with a Cool Roof”.

International Cool Roof Workshop, July 2011: The CRRC presented on cool roof rating systems at the US DOE/LBNL/ORNL/Concordia University International Cool Roof Workshop in Berkeley, CA.

Future Marketing Highlights

Greenbuild, October 2011: The CRRC has been selected to present on new and emerging cool roof technologies. We will be joined by representatives from engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti who will present on “embodied carbon efficiency.”

Metalcon, October 2011: The CRRC will be presenting on how to use product rating resources to specify an energy-saving roof.

Ecobuild America, December 2011: The CRRC has been selected to present with the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing on cool roofs at this international conference.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding CRRC marketing outreach efforts, please contact Jessica Clark at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x227.

Website Redesign Update

At the June Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to approve a proposal to overhaul the CRRC website. The CRRC website is a valuable resource for many user groups, however, the current design has not changed for several years and can be difficult to navigate. The CRRC is excited to update the website to make our resources more accessible and relevant. The goals of the project are to:

    •     Increase the CRRC’s impact by creating an improved website to communicate cool roof news and information to the roofing industry, architects and contractors, the general public, and other interested parties.

    •   Modernize the website’s design, organization, and navigation.

    •   Improve user experience by creating user group–specific content and navigation.

    •   Simplify content in order to make relevant content more accessible.

    •   Clarify the product rating process for CRRC licensees.

    •   Update and improve the search function for the website’s Rated Products Directory.

This project will be kicking off in September. If you have any requests for specific features you would like to see in the redesigned CRRC website, please contact Alexis at [email protected] or (510) 482-4420 x279.