Payam Bozorgchami (B)
California Energy Commission

David Cocuzzi (A)
National Coil Coating Association

Darrel Higgs (A)
Board Treasurer​
Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

Jim Kirby (A)
Board Secretary

Frank Klink (B)

Hal Arthur Leland (A)
Western Colloid 
Tim McQuillen
Tim McQuillen (A)
Johns Manville

Randy Ober (A)

Stuart Ruis (B)
Board Vice Chair
R&D Services

Kurt Shickman (B)
Interested Individual

Richard Slomko (B)
Board Chair
Atlas Material Testing Technology


Hashem Akbari
Hashem Akbari, Concordia University
International Committee Chair

George Daisey, Dow
George Daisey, Dow
Technical Committee Chair

Andre Desjarlais, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jonathan Humble, American Iron & Steel Institute
Ratings, Codes, & Programs Committee Chair 
Ronnen Levinson
Ronnen Levinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Rick Olson, Tile Roofing Industry Alliance
Former CRRC Board Chair

Peter Turnbull, Peter Turnbull and Associates
Former CRRC Board Chair
Dale McIntyre
Dale McIntyre, Behr Paint Company
Wall Rating Program Committee Chair
Vacant, U.S. Department of Energy Victoria Ludwig
Victoria Ludwig
, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Get involved with the Board of Directors

The CRRC Board of Directors seeks the involvement of interested Members to help lead the organization. Directors will uphold the mission of the organization. Those interested in a leadership position should contact our Executive Director to find out more.

What you do:

As a Board member, you will be involved in a leadership capacity on a variety of topics.

  • Ensure a successful future for the CRRC
  • Implement the Organization’s strategic plan
  • Protect the financial security of the Organization
  • Set policies for the CRRC Rating Program
  • Optional: Prepare and offer to serve on the Board Executive Committee (subject to election)

Expectations of the role:

As a Director, you are expected to:         

  • Abide by the Organization's bylaws, regulations, policies, and procedures, as may be amended from time to time
  • Uphold your fiduciary duties
  • Serve in the best interests of the Organization and provide appropriate direction and commentary
  • Promptly respond to staff requests
  • Uphold confidential information 

Time Commitment:

  • Attend five meetings per year (3 in-person, 2 conference calls) to provide input, direction, and make decisions on behalf of the Organization
  • Review exhibits prior to meetings

What we’re looking for:

The Board is made up of a diverse group of individuals with myriad skills. If you have experience in one or more of the following areas, you may be a good candidate!

  • Familiarity with the CRRC
  • Understanding of CRRC Membership interests and needs
  • Financial oversight
  • Technical expertise in roofing or radiative properties
  • Connections to industry or other stakeholders
  • Strategic planning & visioning

Election Process:

The CRRC Board of Directors (Board) is composed of 11 members:

Six (6) from Class A members (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and their trade associations)
Five (5) from Class B members (roofing contractors, consultants, non-profit groups, government agencies, educational institutions, testing laboratories, test farms, air quality boards, code bodies, energy service companies and other interested individuals).

CRRC Board member terms are staggered over a three-year period. An annual election takes place to allow the CRRC Membership to nominate and vote for their organization representatives.